Should You Take Your Pet To a “Best Of” Business?

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During the last 10 years, there has been a trend for the counties or cities or newspaper readership areas to promote the voting for the best groomer, or best boarding facility or best veterinary hospital, etc. As you may know, or are about to learn, the newspaper puts out voting forms in print or electronically for the local readership to vote for the best in various categories. At the end of the voting, the winning entity gets a big media splash and is given a reward for the “Best of [fill in the blank].”

Now, normally I would not say anything, but there appears to be a wide variety in the “Best of” recipients and their qualifications. For example, in Myrtle Beach, SC there is a veterinary hospital that truly does qualify, in so many ways, and is really a 2012 Best Veterinary Hospital. Yet, in Florida, the 2012 Best Veterinary Hospital for one area is owned by a veterinarian that is allegedly being investigated by the Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine for the falsification of medical records. Who knows how this allegation will end. But readers should take the “Best of” awards with caution. The awards do not always mean the “best” veterinary service or boarding location or best groomer. The relationship you have with your veterinarian, boarding facility, or groomer is personal and is between you, your pet, and the person who cares for your pet. Go where you feel most comfortable and where you and your pet are treated kindly and with loving care.

Let me know if you have experienced a great “Best of” or have you been burned at a “Best of” location? Are these awards of any value to you?

Dr. Manda is a full-time emergency veterinarian, former veterinary hospital owner, pet food executive, and successful entrepreneur. He consults to the pet food, animal health, and veterinary marketplace both nationally and internationally. At home he has 3 cats who request all of his free time.

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