Should I treat my dog to an entrée from a doggy menu at the hotel?

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More and more hotels are offering their four-legged guests gourmet pet food options.

Whether or not to treat your dog from the gourmet doggie menu depends on health challenges and special needs. For example, if she needs to lose a few pounds, it may not be a wise choice. Similarly, she may have a health condition that requires a strict, special diet. Or she just may be picky—and the taste of a treat will only make her hold out for something better at her regular mealtime.

Other than that, a small treat is probably fine, but you should always check with your veterinarian before traveling.

Some examples of doggie hotel treats:

• The Hotel Bel Air in Beverly Hills concentrates as much on personal luxury items as food. The hotel’s chef prepares special peanut butter doggie biscuits for visiting pooches but the room also has a dog bed, bowl and personalized door tags to alert cleaning staff that a dog is in the room.
• The Hyatt Regency Newport, Rhode Island has a “Mutt’s Cocktail Hour” every Wednesday. Owners get to drink a “Salty Dog” cocktail. While dogs get a Doggie Brew beer, which is really a canine nutritional beverage
• Little Nell, Aspen, Colorado: A “Canine Delights” menu includes: tenderloin of beef with scrambled eggs and brown rice; grilled chicken breast with carrots and brown rice, grilled salmon with scrambled eggs and brown rice.
• Four Seasons, Washington D.C. A “Doggies Delight” menu includes “Best Friend’s Breakfast”, scrambled eggs and steamed rice; and the “Might Mutt Diet”, which is lean ground beef with steamed rice.
• Hotel ZaZa in Dallas and Houston. This hotel gets even more specific because they want you to consider your type of dog before selecting her food. For example, “The Healthy Dog” will probably want the roasted chicken and rice, while “The Sporty Dog” will select a hot dog with baked French fries. “The Hearty Dog” wouldn’t miss the tenderloin with carrots and potatoes.

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