Should I treat my cat to an entrée from a cat menu at the hotel?

You, with your veterinarian, will be the ones who can best answer that question, because you know your cat and her challenges. Is she prone to upset tummies? Does she have digestive problems that even the slightest dietary change will exacerbate?

Does she seem upset, fearful or spooked by the travel? If she is, it’s probably a good idea not to indulge in the menu.

If she’s hale, hearty and taking it all in stride, though, and even looking as though she’s enjoying the trip, it will probably be okay to give her a treat from the menu. Remember, though, any dietary change can result in stomach upsets, so be sure to keep it in moderation.

Keep in mind that even though the hotel is billing is as “gourmet,” they are being mindful of keeping the food a little bland, finding creative ways to prepare such familiar favorites as tuna and salmon, beef, chicken, boiled or steamed brown rice.

For instance, Hotel ZaZa in Dallas and Houston features a “Pampered Pets” menu with a specific”Fancy Feline” that includes grilled organic salmon.

At the Four Seasons, Washington D.C., feline guests are offered a choice from the “What the Cat Dragged In” menu, which includes the “Eye of the Tiger”– scrambled eggs and poached salmon. They also have a”Catkins Diet”, which is albacore tuna and chopped egg.

Going abroad? The Excelsior Palace, Portofino Coast, Italy has a delizie per gatti (“feline fancies”) try tonno e uovo tritato in panna acida, or tuna and choped egg in sour cream.

Sometimes the pet-pampering isn’t just about food. Some hotels provide pet bathrobes, massages, monogrammed towels, happy hours and even treadmills. Another example of a pet perk: Vermont’s Spa at Topnotch gives pet reiki. After all, notes one hotel concierge: Some find it even more rewarding to pamper their animals than themselves.

Call each hotel for up-to-date prices.

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