Should I provide a pet fountain with flowing water for my dog?

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Oftentimes just filling a bowl with water might not be enough for your dog, so you might want to consider one of those dog drinking fountains.

There are many models on the market today. There’s even a model that has two separate jets—one for humans and one for pets!

Here’s why you should consider one:

• When left in a bowl, standing water does not circulate and becomes stagnant. This is especially problematic if you have a pet who doesn’t drink often. And water could also harbor some bacteria. Many dog fountains have circulation systems so that the water is constantly purified and oxygenated. It encourages the animal to drink more water, which is essential to almost every body system for both non-humans and humans alike.
• Sometimes, especially for larger breeds, bending over a water bowl could put a strain on the dog’s neck and back. The fountains are raised so it’s a lot more comfortable.
• A dog drinking fountain might actually help to remind yours to drink. The dog will be so curious—some even have pedestals–that she’ll want to examine it, and maybe even take a drink while she’s at it.

There will be times, though, when you may need to refill the dog sink because there may be a clog in the sink’s spigot. In that case, follow these directions:

• First, check it out to be sure the dog’s sink is really clogged. Some fountains have two jets—one for humans and one for dogs. If you have one of those, take some water from the human fountain and pour it into the dog sink to see if it drains.
• If the dog’s sink is, indeed, clogged, fill a clean water bottle with water from the human’s fountain.
• Pour water into the stopped-up dog sink drinking fountain until it has been refilled.
If you have another type of dog fountain, check with the manufacturer, or the pet supply store where you bought it, for instructions on unclogging.

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