Should I Adopt a Senior Dog?

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A senior dog is not only worth considering when adopting a pet, she can actually be a better choice in certain situations.

The word “senior” can be misleading. Especially in the case of small dog breeds, a dog may well live into her teens, so it’s important to recognize this when considering the length of your commitment to your senior dog.

If you’re looking to rescue a dog, a senior is a very good choice. Far fewer senior dogs are adopted from rescues, classifieds and shelters. Too often, healthy older dogs are euthanized due to a lack of available homes. A senior dog available for adoption definitely needs a safe and loving home.

When adopting dogs out to senior citizens, many rescues prefer to adopt out only senior dogs, as a precaution that the dog will not outlive her person, and will once again be without a home.

A senior dog is also a good choice if you’re looking for a calmer pet. Few dogs, senior or otherwise, are calm all the time, and most still require exercise. However, a senior pet is likely to sleep more often and be less hyper in general.

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