Man Installs A Glass Ceiling Above His Store So The Cats Can Watch From Above

Cats are naturally curious beings. We even have a saying, “curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back” and that sums it up perfectly. Cats will often find themselves in very sticky or awkward situations because of their natural curiosity. But that is why we love them. And that is the exact reason why one cat owner decided to create something unique and special for his beloved felines.

The shop owner has really outdone himself as he gave his cats what they really desired. And that would be a spy window!

There is a little bit of attic space up in the shop’s ceiling which meant that the cats could have a little spy corner of their own. He converted the space to the cutest looking like cat lounge, complete with a glass bottom which affords the cats a perfect view of everything that is going on below.

What more could cats want? They get to sneakily keep up to date on everything that is happening beneath them. And given how curious and borderline nosy, cats can be, this is the perfect vantage point for them to keep an eye on the shop.

As much as the cats might enjoy the view of people below, the visitors to the shop also get a surprise, should they ever look up at the ceiling. I love cats, but I would definitely be shocked to look up and see a few furry faces staring back at me. Plus, there is no doubt that the cats probably have a very judgmental look about their faces – they’re cats after all!

While these felines might be like little furry amateur security guards, they definitely demand they be paid for their troubles. Apparently, these cats insist that their owner feed them on time or else they rebel.

And the way they make it clear that they’re unsatisfied with payment is by trashing their owner’s home – typical cat behavior. But that is what makes them so adorable and special.

The entire set up has been a happy deal for everyone involved – including those Twitter users who are delighted by the pictures.

This is the type of customer service that should be mandatory in all shops. What do you think?

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