This Dog Was Missing For 22 Days. When He Reunites With His Human? The Embrace Says It All.

This Shiba Inu was brought in as a stray to WAGS Pet Adoption Center after he was found wandering the streets on the border of Westminster and Garden Grove in California. His owner was worried sick about where he could be, and posted fliers up everywhere with a reward. He also checked the county shelter every day to look for him. He was at WAGS for 22 days, and many people that saw him wanted to adopt him, but he didn’t make a connection with anyone. He was always trying to escape, and the volunteers there had a feeling that he was looking for his owner.

Credit: WAGS PetAdoption

Credit: WAGS PetAdoption

Luckily, they finally found the owner and had him come in to be reunited with his beloved furry best friend. In the video below, you can see a volunteer lead him down the hallway on a leash. He was so excited at the thought of finally getting out of there that he makes loud crying sounds. As soon as he turns the corner and sees his human, he goes absolutely ballistic, jumping all over him and giving him a million kisses. The two are clearly very thankful to be reunited in each other’s arms. Now that the dog is microchipped, hopefully they will never lose each other again!

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