Shiba Inu Takes A Cozy Nap In A ‘Bag Of Potato Chips’ Bed

We love to spoil our pets. I’ve often joked that in my next life, I’m determined to come back as a cat or dog in someone’s home. They really live the life of luxury.

We feed them all kinds of yummy goodies as well as spoil them rotten with plenty of toys.

But perhaps one of the most enviable things about our pets is the amount of time that they get to dedicate to sleep. They truly have it made and will often enjoy long naps inside warm and fuzzy beds.

And there is one adorable Shiba Inu who loves to take naps in some really adorable bedding that was bought by her owner.

The adorable bedding cover resembles a bag of chips, so when the little Shuba Inu, known as Yuki, dove between the sheets it looked as though she is sleeping inside a giant chip bag. Too cute!

To add to the adorableness that is Yuki and her chip bag bed, her owner even has a ritual of tucking her in. That is just too precious. And while the chip bag bedding is very cute, it doesn’t stop there. Apparently, this pup sleeps in a variety of food-inspired bedding. Check it out:

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