Watch Shiba Inu Gently Rock Newborn To Sleep

Newborn babies are a joy to see no matter where you live, and no matter what species you may be.

Along with the excitement of welcoming home a new baby, however, young mothers are undoubtedly filled with anxiety over making sure the tiny tot has everything she needs to thrive.

For this family, that includes four furry paws.

Source: Facebook/VT Making sure she's tucked in.

Source: Facebook/VT
Making sure she’s tucked in.

Shiba Inus have long been known for their fondness of children. Like a new mother, they’re quick to nurture and coddle young ones until they can care for themselves. When this mother introduced the newest member of the family to her Shiba Inu, the story was no different.

If anything, this compassionate canine was itching for a chance to help!

Source: Facebook/VT Rocking her to sleep.

Source: Facebook/VT
Rocking her to sleep.

Using a phone camera, the mother caught the doting doggie gently rocking her humans sibling to sleep with a carefully-placed paw.

There may be nothing in the world quite as cute as this image, and the Internet can certainly attest. This video has been shared nearly 50,000 times since it was first posted online.

Source: Facebook/VT A very good boy!

Source: Facebook/VT
A very good boy!

Are you in the market for a new babysitter? Perhaps man’s best friend is your best bet!

Watch the adorableness in the video below!

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