They Wanted To Experience What Shelter Dogs Go Through Daily, So They Spent A Night Behind Bars

Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Massachusetts, held their second annual “Night Without A Family” event, where volunteers stayed at its no-kill shelter for the day and slept their overnight in a kennel to feel what dogs without a forever home go through.

More than 50 people came by the shelter to watch the five volunteers and one staff member take part in this challenge which began at 8 a.m. last Friday and finished the next morning.

During the day, the volunteers went with the dogs on their morning walks, played games with them, and went to a training class. They got snack canisters, which rewarded them with Cheetos and other food. They read bedtime stories, and then the lights were turned off when it was time to go to bed.

It was a great way for people to realize what shelter dogs go through every single day.

“I usually sleep with the TV on and for me to not hear anything, I felt so lonely,” volunteer Christina Lewis told Inside Edition. “I didn’t have the comforts of a home.”

All shelter dogs long for that comfort, and sadly, some never get the chance to experience it. You can easily give a shelter dog that comfort by adopting one! Visit your local shelters to find a pup who pairs well with you and your family.

The Night Without A Family event raised nearly $3,000. And the best part of all? More than a dozen of the dogs were adopted!

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