Shelter Dogs Pick Their Own Christmas Present From Room Full Of Donated Toys

Christmas has come early for shelter dogs at Dogs Trust Ireland.

Thanks to generous donations, the shelter was able to give each dog in their care a new toy for Christmas. But instead of choosing one for each dog, they lined them up in a room and allowed each dog to pick their own.

As you can imagine, the dogs went wild when they entered the room and immediately started to sniff each toy. Their tails never stopped wagging and many started to race around the room with excitement.

Screenshot: Facebook/Dogs Trust Ireland

Thankfully, the staff recorded ten of the dogs picking out their presents and posted the video for all to see.

Harley was the first dog in the room and was seen shaking a large toy as he ran around. Arnie and Bella were the next dogs to enter and perused all the rows of toys, but took a break to greet staff and nose the camera. One finally picked a stuffed turkey toy and a game of chase ensued.

Screenshots: Facebook/Dogs Trust Ireland

Marley came in with his tail wagging and didn’t waste any time in finding a toy with a ball. Ollie and Pluto both chose a squeaky pig toy. Buddy picked a purple octopus, after investigating all the toys.

Screenshots: Facebook/Dogs Trust Ireland

Zoey entered the room and headed straight for a toy that looks like Santa, but with long arms and legs. Shep picked up a bright-colored hedgehog and began to play. When you know, you know.

Screenshot: Facebook/Dogs Trust Ireland

Last but not least, Tobi grabbed a bear and then headed to the door looking for a pal to play with. Eventually, all the dogs found the perfect toy and now are patiently waiting for a loving family of their own.

“A massive THANK YOU for making this possible for our dogs with your generous donations. Every year, we are blown away by your support, especially this year and all the hardship it has brought so many people,” posted the shelter.

Screenshots: Facebook/Dogs Trust Ireland

Although the shelter’s Rehoming Centre is temporarily closed to drop-in visitors, potential adopters are able to schedule an appointment to meet the dozens of dogs who are still in need of forever homes. Check out all the available dogs here.

Watch as the excited dogs nudge each toy to find the perfect one in the video below. It’s guaranteed to make you smile.

You can make the day of a shelter pet by donating a toy, treat or both through our Holiday Toy & Treat Drive.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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