Shelter Hopes To Attract Adopters With Mixtapes on Spotify That Show Off Rescue Dogs’ Personalities

Chocolates and roses are overrated. The way to someone’s heart is through music, or more specifically mixtapes. At least, that is how it used to work. Valentine’s Day is all about love and what could be better than a partner that is always happy to see you, loves you unconditionally, and has a great taste in music?!

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs went back to an old school way of expressing one’s love – mixtapes. The shelter created mixtapes and posted them on Spotify for some of the rescue dogs. The mixtapes show off each dog’s musical taste and unique personality. The shelter hopes music will help the dogs find forever homes. “If it can work for John Cusack, it can work for us!”

Check out these four groovy dogs that are all up for adoption.

Photo: Facebook/Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

You Ain’t Nothing ‘Without’ A Hound Dog: Legend

First up is Legend, a 2-year-old country boy, who walks nice on a leash and loves to play with other dogs. While his musical preferences include some of the great country artists like Hank Williams and John Denver, Legend would be happy in the city as well. The shelter says, “His goofy personality is infectious, lights up a room and is a perfect match for a family with children.” Listen to his mixtape and see if he is a match for you.

Photo: Facebook/Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

Demi Will Love You To The Moon And Back

If you are searching for a love that is out of this world, then 8-year-old Demi is the dog for you. She loves to play with toys and belly rubs, but her favorite thing is cuddling. “I just know somewhere out there in this great big GALAXY there is someone for me. I have so much SPACE in my heart waiting for them.” This sweet and gentle girl is house trained and loves people. Take a listen to her mixtape and then apply to foster or adopt her.

Photo: Facebook/Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

If Love Doesn’t Feel Like 90’s R&B Dobby Doesn’t Want It

This handsome boy is Dobby but his friends call him “Big D”. That is because he has a big heart and a lot of soul. The ladies love him and he prefers them over male dogs, especially the “big gals”. The 3-year-old loves to go for walks but goes real slow. “He has a slow swagger and the cutest little booty shake,” wrote the shelter. If you weren’t already in love with his adorable face, you will be in love after listening to his mixtape.

Photo: Facebook/Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

HELLO, it’s Harrison is it me you’re looking for?

Last but definitely not least is Harrison. This 5-year-old boy loves to go for hikes and walks but also enjoys snuggling on the couch. “I will STAND BY YOU and I can guarantee NO ONE’s GONNA LOVE YOU more than I will. I know THESE DREAMS will come true, but I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR.” Listen to his mixtape that show he is the perfect package.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting any of the dogs you can apply on Second Chance Rescue’s website. Nothing compares to the unconditional love of an adopted dog. If you are still searching for the perfect valentine, head to your local shelter.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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