Shelter Dog Finally Finds Her Person After Waiting 809 Days At Illinois Shelter

A shelter dog named Demi had a rough start to life, but has finally found her person after patiently waiting 809 days.

Demi was found abandoned on the side of the road with her dog bed and had multiple wounds from fighting off other stray dogs. Helping Strays of Monroe County in Illinois took her in and started to earn her trust.

Photo: Facebook/Helping Strays of Monroe County

Due to her past experiences, Demi was leery of other dogs and people. But the staff was determined to rehabilitate the young pup. Thanks to consistent training and a shelter buddy who took Demi home a few days a week to work on house manners, she now walks well on a leash, masters basic commands, enjoys learning new things and loves to hog the bed.

Photo: Facebook/Helping Strays of Monroe County

The four-year-old mutt was finally ready to find a forever home. However, she would need a special person who would be patient with her but also set boundaries. The shelter said she is selective of people and wrote, ” fearful of some, she picks her own people. Will need slow introductions. This girl wants to be courted.”

Photo: Facebook/Helping Strays of Monroe County

The sweet girl finally found her perfect match with a man named Arland. “Today was a LONG time in the making – Demi finally found her forever home with Arland after 809 days at the shelter,” posted the shelter on their Facebook page. “They say good things come to those who wait and Demi now has a place to call her forever home!”

Photo: Facebook/Helping Strays of Monroe County

She found her person, who loves her just the way she is, and will live happily ever after.

Fans of the shelter were thrilled by the exciting news and wished them well.

One person wrote, “This made me cry. So happy for Demi! Happy Tails little girl!”

Another said, “How wonderful! She is going to be so appreciative of being in a quiet home where she can be spoiled!”

There are thousands of long-stay shelter pets like Demi waiting for someone to give them a chance. Adopt don’t shop!

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