This Family Gave A Dying Shelter Dog This Amazing Gift! WARNING: Get The Tissues Ready!

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A 3-year-old Boxer, Adalard, was brought into Montgomery County Animal Shelter as a stray. They contacted Lone Star Boxer Rescue and they took him into their program right away. He had an inoperable tumor on the inside of his cranial cavity under the bone, and his life expectancy was just two days. Not only did he surpass the two days, but he was able to live out his final days getting all the love he deserved, thanks to this amazing family!!


Lori Anderson, her husband James, and their daughters Bella and Ellie, took Addy in for hospice foster care. Lori knew that having Addy at their home would teach her children about giving, loving and helping others in need, especially when they can’t care for themselves. Lori was expecting to pick up a lethargic and slow dog, but to her surprise, Addy was wagging his tail and looked very happy!


They went to the store to load up on toys and treats and were ready to spoil him rotten for her last few days. She says he was amazing, sweet, gentle, kind, well-socialized, and LOVED his toys. The Anderson family gave meaning to Adalard’s life and he received so much love from them in his final days. He sadly passed away a week later, but had his loving family by his side. Thanks to them, Addy knew what it felt like to be loved and cared for, despite his terminal illness. This story brings tears to my eyes, but I am so glad that he received this amazing gift!


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