Shelter Helps A Woman Reunite With Her Deaf Dog Even Though She Can’t Afford To Pay The Fees

Earlier in the month, the manager of operations at Santa Rosa County Animal Services in Florida posted to Facebook the story of Glock. He was a deaf but enchanting little pup who was being cared for by the shelter for nearly two weeks when his owner came in upset and with his vet records. As the manager, Jessica Jade, explained on Facebook, the woman was quite sad and upset as she couldn’t afford the fees to get him out. Jade stated that the woman was so desperate, she knew she had to help her out. She told the woman, “it’s okay, we got you. You’re getting your dog back.”

Once they were able to process the paperwork, Glock and his owner were able to reunite. And the shelter didn’t charge the woman a dime. The story of the shelter’s kindness quickly made the viral rounds online, with many people praising the shelter for their actions in helping this woman reunite with her dog.

Jade further shared the joy that the dog experienced in seeing his owner once again. The little pup was beyond thrilled to see her and he was jumping up and down, pouncing on her. And the owner was just as excited since she broke down in tears at seeing him. Jade added, “We provided her with some dog food and a neuter voucher, which she was grateful for.”

Afterward, the shelter was also informed that the woman had a few kittens who were in need of spaying and neutering, so they offered her a bunch of neuter vouchers as well. Jade further noted that “inflexible redemption fees and policies” will often cause owners to be unable to reunite with their pets, therefore they end up becoming part of the huge population of shelter pets. That is why she said, “Innovative shelters remain flexible to ensure as many positive outcomes as possible, ensuring animals go back to the families they belong to where they are already loved.”

She concluded the post citing her pride in the Santa Rosa County Animal Services for their compassion and their understanding of certain circumstances that people may be facing.

Her post has received a lot of attention online, with more than 13,000 reactions and more than 10,000 shares. Jade reacted to the attention, saying that she and her coworkers were surprised by the response. She let everyone know that the shelter is accepting donations, both through their website and their Amazon wishlist.

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