These Dog Siblings Were Rescued From Neglect. After A Year Apart, Their Reunion is Heart-Warming

Dog siblings Shelby And Buddy were kept outside every day in a small gated area. They had no toys to play with, no space to run around in, and no real food to eat. There was also only one dirty little dog house for both of them to share. According to the video below, they didn’t even know what comfort was. Thankfully, PETA stepped in to rescue them!

Both dogs were filthy, underweight, and tested positive for heartworms. The Virginia Beach SPCA took them in to get them back to normal. They treated their heart-worms and gave them lots of food, attention, and most importantly, love. Once they were healthy enough, they were put up for adoption, and it didn’t take long before they separately found their furever homes! One year later, the two canine siblings were reunited for the first time since they’re rescue. Watch their reaction in the video below:

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