A Sheep Successfully Learned to Stand Again After 29 Days of Daily Rehabilitation Sessions

Animals suffering from disabilities and diseases are truly saddening to witness. It’s even more heartbreaking when no one comes for help, and they struggle alone. Without proper medical care, the condition only worsens — as if they are just waiting for death. A lot of nonprofit organizations have been established after being made aware of insufficient animal care. They make it their mission to rescue and provide rehabilitation for those in need. Some focus on wildlife, while others take in farm animals, including dogs or cats. The internet has shown testimonials of rescued animals finding their forever homes, recovering from an illness, and returning back in the wild.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

It’s inspiring to know that humans make efforts to secure an animal’s future. They will work hand in hand to give them the life they deserve. Sanctuary staff would dedicate their daily lives to making the place safe and comfortable for their residents. After feeding sessions, caretakers would accompany the animals to provide emotional support. Human helpers would do anything — they’d even act as their feet when the animal couldn’t stand on its own. Fascinatingly, Edgar’s Mission caretakers did that for a sheep named Sally. The disabled sheep lost the ability to move her legs and lift her head. She was brought to the sanctuary in July 2022, already immobilized.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

According to the sanctuary’s Instagram post, Sally was affected by a parasite that weakened her body. Her condition seemed hopeless at first, but her human helpers worked hard to find a solution. Aside from attending to her everyday needs, her routine included daily rehabilitation sessions. Although Sally couldn’t stand, the caretakers became her feet. The team also built a stand to lift her and served as support while feeding. During rehabilitation, they placed her in a sling and carried her to stimulate the disabled limbs. It was a gentle physical therapy so her legs could recover, similar to injured and stroke patients. The whole process was so inspiring and heartwarming — she never felt alone throughout her healing journey.

Sally gradually showed progress, and the sessions lasted for 29 days. Rehabilitation worked on her — Sally’s finally able to stand and walk again! She can even run free on the farm and mingle with the residents. It’s as if she had never lost the strength in her legs. You’ll definitely feel proud after seeing her grazing with the herd. Her whole recovery was proof that anything is possible with constant effort. Sally was also very fortunate to be surrounded by people from Edgar’s Mission. She was physically and emotionally supported during a tough time.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

The sanctuary deserves to be acknowledged for the wonderful things they’ve done — not just for Sally but for the other animals they support. If you got inspired by Sally’s story, you can get involved with Edgar’s Mission by visiting their website. You may offer support through donations, volunteer work, and more. Many animals will benefit from your generosity — be part of their hope and a second chance in life. You could also visit their Instagram and TikTok accounts for more updates.

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