Ever Wonder What A Sheep Looks Like That Hasn’t Been Sheared For Five Years? Find Out! This Is Unbaaalievable!!

Source: RSPCA

What on Earth is that?!

It’s a sheep! No, I’m not kidding! But not just any sheep; a sheep that hasn’t been sheared for at least five years!

People have been reporting this giant, unshorn sheep on the border of Canberra and NSW in Australia for weeks, so RSPCA officers finally went to capture it.

Source: RSPCA

They brought the sheep in to the local RSPCA and called a shearer to come and remove his coat immediately.

Sheep-shearer Ian Elkins answered the call and saved the day. It took a team of five shearers more than 40 minutes to get this big blob looking like a normal sheep again.

Source: RSPCA

Wool… so.. much.. wool!!

Source: twitter.com/tvendange

They removed 89 pounds worth of fleece, a world record for the most wool to come off a sheep in a single sitting!

Source: RSPCA

This poor sheep! How the heck did he move with all of that wool?!

Source: RSPCA

The sheep is reported to be doing fine and will be kept for observation for a couple of days before hopefully being adopted by a family.

(The pink marks are antiseptic spray) Source: RSPCA

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