A Man Dives Underwater With Sharks. Their Reaction Is Unlike Anything I Ever Expected!

Jim Abernathy, a shark conservationist, is working to show people that sharks aren’t what people think they are, and that they are misrepresented by mythology and popular culture. Of course sharks can be dangerous, but Abernathy wants to show the sweeter side of them that many people don’t get to see.

As a trained professional, Abernathy dives into the water with them, and their reaction is amazing. He recently swam with a group of tiger sharks in a video shot for National Geographic, and the sharks were so happy to see him!

He says that when sharks don’t feel threatened, they are actually curious and friendly. In the video below, you can see him giving them head scratches. And they keep coming back for more!

In the past decade, Abernathy has removed more than 80 fishhooks from sharks’ mouths. He has also saved a shark who had become entangled in a plastic packing strap that was embedded in his flesh.

Watch Abernathy with the sharks in the video below:

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