Sharing Your Bed With Your Pets Can Actually Have THIS Effect! I Knew It!

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Many of us are guilty of letting our pets in our beds; I know I am! Some people don’t allow their dogs on any furniture…but the way I look at is, they’re a part of the family, so why not?! Of course some dogs are just way too big to sleep with us. My dog is a 75-pound Labradoodle, and although I feel comfort while I’m with him, sometimes he takes up my entire bed and forces me to sleep with half my body falling off of it. I usually leave him like that too, because he’s too adorable to move. But sometimes that makes me have a horrible sleep.

So what’s the deal with pets in your bed. Does it really interfere with a good night’s sleep? Mayo Clinic did a study, and this video has your answers! Sleep experts have thought for a long time that pets in the bedroom are disruptive to your sleep, but this study found that 41 percent of sleep patients who share their bed with their animal, find it beneficial. But 20 percent admitted that their pets interrupt their sleep. But there are many things to take into consideration before letting your furry best friend sleep with you. Watch the video below to find out!

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