Sharing A Meal With A Friend Never Looked Funnier! You’re Gonna Love What This Dog Does…

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This adorable toddler is all set up for lunch. She’s got a plate of noodles, has some TV going in the background and is having a great time. What she doesn’t expect is what her dog does next. He’s watching that plate of noodles (you know, just to make sure it doesn’t escape!) and then when she picks them up to eat them he grabs the other end.

It’s an adorable moment (reminiscent of Lady and the Tramp!). The baby and the dog are both chowing down on the same noodle and neither one seems to mind. The little girl keeps right on watching T.V. while the dog chomps on the other end of her spaghetti. The dog is being very gentle too – he’s just very calmly sharing the other end of her noodle. It’s a moment between friends that’s too sweet to miss!

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