On The Brink Of Death, In A Sewer Ditch, Shanti Meets Her Angels…

*Sensitive images, viewer discretion is advised

Shanti was found in a sewer ditch, covered in maggots and flies, with a gaping wound. She was unable to move, nor did she have the motivation to do so. Shanti was dying, she had lost hope.


Animal Aid Unlimited rescued her and brought her to a safe place to treat her. They, first, had to clear her wound of maggots with a special powder. As her wound was treated, she received I.V. fluids for severe dehydration. Poor Shanti was knocking on death’s door but her rescuers still had faith. They still fought for Shanti. They would NOT allow her to knock on that door without trying everything they could to save her life.

You will never believe what love and faith can do, when it came to this special dog. How proper medical care, in the hands of people who have the motivation to help any dog in need, can change the outcome of a dog’s fate. A dog who most certainly would not have survived.


Although it sometimes isn’t easy to watch stories like Shanti’s, I’m so glad I did, because it is the reality… And dogs like Shanti need all the support they can get. Thank you Animal Aid!

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