Bella The Boxer Contracts A Terminal Case Of The Wiggles!

Dogs have a hard time controlling the excitement they experience when you walk through the door. They are just so happy to see you, and they are filled with pure, unadulterated joy knowing that you are home to spend time with them again.

It doesn’t matter whether you have been gone 30 minutes or 2 days. They exhibit such a memorable reaction each and every time.

That’s one of the five million reasons why dogs are so awesome: they’re always so thrilled whenever you walk through the door, and it’s impossible not to smile, no matter how bad your day has been!

This boxer owner decided to capture the excitement of his boxer, Bella as he came home from work, and her reaction is priceless. My goodness, could she be any happier? I don’t think so!

Watch as Bella hilariously and enthusiastically greets her human as he walks through the door.

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