Stray Cat Who Lost Ears Finds Perfect Forever Home

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It absolutely breaks our hearts to see the lifelong implications that living out on the streets can have for some animals.

Often, it’s not a simple as taking a stray animal to the vets to get them treated- as we found out when we read one very special little cat’s story. But before you click away, we can assure you that this story has a happy ending. Phew!

What do you call a no-eared cat? No, this isn’t actually the beginning of a joke – this dapper-looking puss lost his ears after he was rescued off the streets of China two years ago.

Fittingly, this sweet boy is named Potato, and although his life wasn’t too easy to begin with, he now lives happily with his owners and his best friend and cat brother, Horlick.

When Potato was first rescued, vets discovered that he had a rare tumor called ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals and on his ear flaps. The adenoma was successfully treated the first time around, but sadly, the tumors just kept on growing back. In the end, the decision was made that Potato would have to say goodbye to his ears.

Vets removed Brave Potato’s ear canals and flaps in a bid to prevent the disease from reoccurring, and once the op was over, he could focus on getting better – this time for good.

Life with no ears was certainly a new experience for Potato, but he wasn’t going to be on his own while he healed. He had been adopted around the time of his surgery, and his loving family was by his side throughout the whole of his recovery.

They happened to find it incredibly adorable that their kitty now has no ears (how couldn’t you?) and decided to make him his very own Instagram account, which quickly grew to over 8,000 followers! Just look at that little round head.

Coming into his new home right after a life-changing operation was understandably a big deal for Potato, but thankfully, he soon made a best friend to help him get by. His new brother Horlick instantly took a shine to him, and the two can often be seen snuggled up together on Potato’s Instagram account.

Despite Potato looking different from other cats, Horlick never treated him differently – and we think that’s a lesson that humans could learn from!

This was one of the adorable pictures shared on Potato’s Instagram account, and it was captioned, ‘Potato is so clingy that he always sticks with Horlick to sleep.’ You can really see just how close they are!

In this picture, Horlick lays his head lovingly on top of Potato’s as the pair drift off to sleep together. One comment said, ‘This is so freaking sweet!!’, and we can’t help but agree!

Another user said, ‘I wish my cats got along like this.’ That would be the dream.

Amazingly, Potato’s owners shared on Instagram that he still has his hearing- though they’re not sure how much it has been effected. They also added that they also don’t know his age. Since he was rescued from the streets, vets could only guess around about how old he is.

Potato is now estimated to be around six years old, but as they don’t have a date for his birthday, his owners decided to celebrate the day they adopted him, April 25.

It’s amazing that Potato has found love and light after the difficult beginning he had in life. We think we’ve fallen in love with him completely.

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