Pet Goose Takes A Late-Night Trip To Wal-Mart To Find Treats For His Human Family Members

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Here’s something you probably haven’t seen before… unless you’re a regular at this Walmart in Wisconsin… a man walking a random pet goose through a parking lot.

Who doesn’t love a good late night shopping trip? Bless businesses that are open until midnight, and double bless the staff who work those shifts so we can go buy snacks and candles we don’t need in the middle of the night.

Is it legal to bring a goose into a Walmart? I guess we’re about to find out.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Pet Goose George

Their mission: to get stuff for the goose’s sisters, Rosie, Roxy and Emma. It’s unclear as to whether the sisters are humans, geese, or another species.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Pet Goose George

They’re loading up on treats in the snack aisle (and have brought their own reusable bag, I might add. Take notes).

George is wearing a bright orange vest, which means he almost looks like a service animal.

Could it be? Could a goose be a service animal? If so… how do I acquire one?

They’re picking up everything you could possibly imagine.

“Guess what we forgot to get? We forgot to get cat treats, George. We gotta get some key lime pie!”

A real mixed bag. And making it even more difficult to identify the species of the beings they’re getting treats for.

On their mission through the store, the other late night shoppers are like… what? They can’t believe their eyes! Neither can I, to be fair.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Pet Goose George

But George is making lots of friends.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Pet Goose George

When they get to the produce section George absolutely loses his mind over all those fresh veggies.

He’s squawking away while onlookers are standing around looking appropriately confused.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Pet Goose George

At the self checkout, the pair are drawing a lot of attention. George’s dad announces every item they’re ringing through, including cat treats, “mommy’s” key lime pie, dog food, and raccoon treats!

I want to visit George’s house! Immediately. Who doesn’t love a trash panda? It sounds like there’s a variety of fun funky pets to play with.

It feels like every shopper has come to watch George and his dad pay for their treats.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Pet Goose George

And then a Walmart employee heads in their direction. Are they about to get kicked out? Is George in trouble?

Screen Shot: YouTube/Pet Goose George

Nah he’s just looking for some extra plastic bags. He’s miraculously not at all concerned with the goose. He turns right back around.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Pet Goose George

They make it out without a word from any staff

Late night trips to Walmart are always somewhat of an adventure, but this is something else.

And of course, the internet loves it. Commenters praise George’s dad for being totally unfazed by all the attention they get when shopping together and doing whatever he wants.

The video has racked up more than 2 million views!

Screen Shot: YouTube/Pet Goose George

George is cute… but please do not try this at home…this may come as a surprise to you but geese are not, in fact, allowed in Walmart. So put your pet goose back in it’s… goose house.

Walmart is cracking down on it! You can read a recent article about it here. I guess George isn’t the only non-service animal that’s been visiting lately. But he’s probably the cutest and most… unique.

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