Mommy Dog Sees Puppies Fighting – Walks Up And Ends It With One Look

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Anyone who has lived it for themselves knows only too well that being a parent is a full-time job! Having a child or children is a huge responsibility, with moms and dads tasked with keeping their little ones safe, guiding them through the early stages of life, teaching them vital skills, and helping them grow up to be big, strong, and independent, ready to become parents themselves someday.

These same principles are just as true in the animal world as they are in the human world, with moms and dads of countless species doing what needs to be done to raise their kids right.

And sometimes, it can be funny to see how animal families can behave just like human ones.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Alex Velasco

Brothers and sisters tend to fight.

Even if they love each other and would protect each other from anything, they still love to squabble, bicker, and argue whenever they get the chance, and it’s often up to mom or dad to step in and put an end to it all.

That’s exactly what happened here when two adorable little pups got into a tussle.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Alex Velasco

The whole thing was captured on camera, with the funny clip starting off by showing two gorgeous little beagle pups walking along and sniffing around the room.

Moments later, one of them takes a seat and just seems to be minding his own business, but his brother seems to have other ideas in mind!

Screen Shot: YouTube/Alex Velasco

We can see the second pup staring at his bro with interest, lowering his head in a fighting pose and charging forward to initiate the battle!

He paws and climbs all over his brother, with the pair biting each other’s ears and growling angrily, starting to make quite a lot of noise, which draws the attention of mom.

Screen Shots: YouTube/Alex Velasco

The pups are totally into the fight at first, but as soon as the mom arrives on the scene and looks them sternly in the eye, they immediately stop everything and act all cute and innocent all over again.

It’s so funny to see how these sweet little fluffballs completely change their behavior once the mom is around, and it’s amazing to see how much authority she has. Mama dogs might sometimes have to growl or snap to get their kids to stop fighting, but this one just walks in and eyeballs her little ones to make them stop. Clearly, she must have broken up quite a few fights in her life!

Screen Shot: YouTube/Alex Velasco

The adorable clip has already been seen over 2.6 million times on YouTube, with thousands of likes and amusing comments too. Here are just a few of our favorites:

“All moms have ‘the look’, and kids just know they better knock it off , or else !!!”
“I’m the cute one”. “No, I am”! Mother: “Stop it, you’re both cute”!
“Lmao she came right over like nope we ain’t doing this today lmao sooooooooooo cute”

Check out the clip for yourself below.

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