Little Goat Tries To Headbutt Cat And Cat’s Hilarious Reaction Earns 6.5M Views

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There are a lot of documented cases of two completely different animals getting along with each other, and sometimes even being the best of friends. Isn’t that beautiful?

Sometimes the best friendships are the ones that are the most unlikely. However, two animals interacting with each other doesn’t always result in shared affection between the two, as sometimes they feel forced to socialize but really can’t stand each other.

This goat and a cat are quite the remarkable duo, and a short video recently went viral on the internet because of their hilarious interactions together.

PHoto: YouTube/Lavender 23

The small goat wanted to annoy the feline, so he attempted to headbutt her.

That’s what goats do, isn’t it? It seems to be something that’s in their nature to try and headbutt just about everything and everyone they see, and it seemed like his feline ‘friend’ over here was about to be on the receiving end of one.

Luckily, it’s mostly in good fun, and this tiny goat is too small to cause any serious damage to the cat.

As you can see in the video at the bottom of this article, the cat clearly isn’t in the mood for this goat’s antics. The feline’s patience diminished by the second, and then she finally loses it!

Photo: YouTube/Lavender 23

The cat then tries to strike back at the goat, giving the animal a sort of warning nip.

With over 6.5 million views on YouTube, this funny interaction between two frenemies has been seen all around the world.

Photo: YouTube/Lavender 23

Unfortunately, the owner didn’t upload a video caption with more details, but we’re pretty sure that the title “Baby Goat Tries to Headbutt Cat” is pretty descriptive and representative of the whole video.

At the beginning of the footage, it appears as if these two animals are at a standoff.

The feline simply tries to run towards another room, but it’s clear that the small goat won’t let her pass just like that. The goat is feeling a little bit fierce and tough and then puts himself directly in the cat’s path.

He is daring her to make a move!

Photo: YouTube/Lavender 23

In sharp contrast with the goat, the cat doesn’t have a care in the world and pretends nothing is going on.

The feline then tries to gently sidestep him with a healthy dose of nonchalance, but this only aggravated the goat more. He simply needed to hand out headbutts today, and this wasn’t going to stop him.

The goat tries to make his move over and over again, but the cat always manages to sidestep away. At one point, she’s clearly out of patience and tries to give him a warning and show him who’s boss!

The warning seemed to help because the goat then finally backed off. At least, for the day.

Photo: YouTube/Lavender 23

YouTube viewers clearly loved this impromptu ‘fight’ and couldn’t help but joke around in the comments section.

“Goat was definitely underleveled for this fight, tactics need a lot of improvement and he needs to invest some skill points in attack. Probably a new player,” one commenter said.

“The Goat’s like, “This feline has a nearly impenetrable forcefield. I must hit it in different places enough to weaken it!” another viewer wrote.

These two frenemies have clearly captured the hearts of the internet!

Be sure to check out the hilarious video for yourself below.

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