Incredible Labrador Retriever Helps Human Mom Pick Up Hundreds Of Trash Pieces From Local Beach Every Day

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With the alarming effects of climate change and the appalling number of skeptics who dismiss it as “non-existent” or “nothing to be worried about”, it’s always a relief to see clean-up efforts and other initiatives taken to counter the problem looming over our planet. Simple eco-friendly choices go a long way, such as going paperless and paying bills electronically, avoiding single-use products, opting to go for sustainable fashion, and recycling to name a few.

After all, making the right choice doesn’t just benefit us humans. It allows animals a stronger chance of survival and a healthier environment, too. And since we’re on the subject of animals, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that even our furry pals do their part in saving the environment.

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A two-year-old Labrador Retriever named Molly helps keep the beach clean by helping her owner, Fliss Cater, pick up trash. It started back in 2017 when Cater decided to settle in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. She was there to open her own bath and skincare shop but was extremely bothered when she discovered how carelessly people left their trash on a nearby beach. Cater first noticed this when she began taking Molly for walks along the coastline.

“If you live by the beach and enjoy it, I think it’s our responsibility to keep it clean,” Cater shares. “In the summer, it was impossible to avoid the litter. It was just everywhere.”

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Realizing it was her pup’s habit to pick up trash, Cater got the idea to start collecting garbage from the beach so they could get started on the clean-up. She trained Molly to properly dispose of garbage in trash bags. The daily habit proved effective and eventually, Cater had to switch from small trash bags to large bin liners. Molly loves the activity, too! “She doesn’t ask for treats when she finds something. All she wants is a ‘Good girl, Molly!’ and she’s a happy dog,” says Carter.

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As a dog mom, Carter is always one step ahead. “I taught her different commands to keep her safe because there’ll be things on the beach that could harm her. There are needles and sharp objects, or just things you wouldn’t expect so I wouldn’t let her go and pick anything up on her own.”

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Before leaving the house, Cater makes sure to pack bin liners and plastic gloves in her bag because she knows Molly always ends up finding something to pick up. Beachgoers who have seen the two in action can’t help but express admiration for their dedication. “We get stopped all the time by people who think it’s adorable that she’s cleaning. She gets so much attention and she loves it, she knows she’s a bit of a star.”

Hopefully, the story of Cater and Molly will inspire more people to do their part. “We want to get people involved or at least make them think twice before disposing of their litter so carelessly.”

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Molly and Cater’s impactful clean-up initiatives are truly making a difference in the lives of everyone around them. Cater says they won’t stop until the entire beach is clean.

She loves having Molly as a teammate and can’t help but gush about how amazing her Labrador Retriever is. “We always pick litter when we go on walks. I can’t take credit for her great work, she’s the best dog and it’s really just the way she is!” Cater enthused.

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