Koala Bear Gets Kicked Out Of Tree And Throws A Fit

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Koala Bears are some of the cutest creatures on the planet, but even they can have some serious rivalries. In this hilarious, but sad video, one Koala protects his turf by pushing another from a tree. The younger Koala throws an adorable tantrum just like a toddler, screaming and crying when he doesn’t get his way. Luckily, no Koalas were seriously hurt in the epic battle.

Crying has never been so cute – this Koala throws a fit after getting kicked out of the tree it’s trying to claim.

Screenshot: YouTube/Koalafication

According to ABC News, an estimated 25,000 Koalas have been lost in the Australian bushfires, possibly putting the future of the species at risk for years to come. That makes videos like this more special than ever before.

At the beginning of the video, you can see a smaller Koala crying while trying to scurry its way up a eucalyptus tree, with another Koala fast on his heels. Being that they can eat over a pound of leaves a day, I’m guessing he’s just trying to get in a quick bite and maybe a nap. But it turns into a real life sibling rivalry.

Screenshot: YouTube/Koalafication

His little cries are no match for the fully-grown Koala, who wants the tree to itself. He slams the baby Koala on his back before delivering one parting bite to let him know he’s not messing around.

But this little warrior won’t be thwarted without a fight. After pouting at the bottom of the tree for a bit, it makes another run up the tree before quickly being chased down by his much bigger adversary.

Screenshots: YouTube/Koalafication

This time the tiny Koala almost makes it all the way up before being sent crashing down.

The brave little Koala goes for it again, getting much further up the tree this time. Just when it looks like the smaller one might make it, the mean Koala is at it again, prompting the baby to screech even louder. After being pulled out of the tree and plummeting to the ground, the crying gets more dramatic.

Screenshots: YouTube/Koalafication

I’m not sure if these two are related, but they sure fight like siblings! Once the larger Koala flings the smaller one out of the tree, it goes back down to the ground to make sure his point is made. All the baby one can do is cry, which is both precious and heartbreaking.

People on the internet couldn’t get enough of the furry little Koalas temper tantrum, tens of millions of viewers watch the Koala turf-war.

Screenshot: YouTube/Koalafication

You can’t help but feel bad for the screaming Koala, but apparently, he didn’t give up and claimed the tree by nightfall.

Screenshot: YouTube/Koalafication

Move over toddlers! This is how you tantrum! This poor little Koala is trying to stake out it’s own territory when it is kicked out of the tree by a big bully. Persistence pays off as this brave young Koala claimed the tree all to himself by nightfall 🙂 I felt so sorry for this poor bubba, it was heart breaking to watch and so very hard to not to go comfort it.

Screenshot: YouTube/Koalafication

Almost 25 million people watched the video on YouTube, with a whopping 430k likes, and nearly 86k comments.

What an incredible video, who knew the cute creatures could be so vicious and protective of their trees. To see the baby Koala throw a tantrum, watch the video below!

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