K-9 Leads Police Crew Through Push-Up Challenge

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Throughout the years there are challenges that seem to spread worldwide through our various social media platforms. Whether these challenges are spreading awareness for a cause or just something for us to try and get competitive with friends or even total strangers we all love to try out these trending challenges and add our own spin to it. There’s also the fun chance that your video could go viral as the trend keeps spreading around the world. One challenge that took off recently through various social platforms was the push-up challenge and people around the world were adding their own unique spin to it even Police Departments!

One Police Department in New Hampshire chose to participate in this challenge showcasing a very special officer in their unit!

In Auburn New Hampshire the Police Department decided to hop on the push-up challenge. But they decided to add in one of their most special department partner from the K9 unit, Athos!

Screenshot: YouTube/Auburn New Hampshire Police Department

New Hampshire Police Department’s very special pushup partner.

The video follows Athos going the Police Department doing pushups with other officers to the music of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. Due to how adorable Athos is this video quickly went viral with over 24 thousand views and multiple comments admiring their very special pushup buddy! One youtube user, M. J., comments,

“If I had a pushup buddy like him I would be motivated to do like hundred.”

We couldn’t agree more with MJ’s comment! Athos looks to be a strict but adorable coach barking at his fellow officers as he goes to various rooms.

Screenshot: YouTube/Auburn New Hampshire Police Department

Stretch it out, boys!

He lets some officers rest for just a moment and take time to stretch it out before coaching them through more pushups.

Screenshot: YouTube/Auburn New Hampshire Police Department

Maybe the coolest pushup challenge

Another youtube user, READY RESPONDER FITNESS, commented this is the coolest pushup challenge they’ve come across yet and also noting just how much they wished to be able to train with Athos,

“haha, this is coolest pushup challenge I’ve come across yet. I want to train with Athos!”

Screenshot: YouTube/Auburn New Hampshire Police Department

Showcasing everyone’s skills like going up the stairclimber backward!

Screenshot: YouTube/Auburn New Hampshire Police Department

The video then follows Athos into the department’s workout room. As he is on the bench he barks at his fellow officers one who is on the floor and the other on the stair climber going up backward!

Or running on the treadmill in full police uniform!

Then we see the same workout room with different officers this time and one is running on the treadmill with a full uniform on.

Auburn’s boys in blue and their furry companion.

Screenshot: YouTube/Auburn New Hampshire Police Department

More officers join in as the video cuts to a different room this time with four officers forming a nice square around Athos.

Time for the finale.

Then for the finale of the video we see an officer balancing on two cabinets doing pushups as his coach Athos barks at him underneath him.

Screenshot: YouTube/Auburn New Hampshire Police Department

In the description of their video, they let the world know just how much pride and confidence they have in Athos writing,

“We challenge any New Hampshire K9 to top Athos….”

Such a cute and inspiring video to add to the challenge from the New Hampshire Police Department, we can see exactly why the video went viral.

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