German Shepherd Tucks In His Favorite Little Boy Before Bed Each Night

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German Shepherds are more than just service dogs or guard dogs. They are extremely loyal and highly intelligent family dogs that set the bar high for taking care of their families.

If you’ve noticed, most families who adopt this particular dog breed and raise them alongside their kids have nothing but heartwarming anecdotes and precious moments caught on video to share: German Shepherds saving their human best friends from trouble walking kids to the bus stop and back, carrying backpacks for little kids, escorting senior citizens and offering companionship and assistance on the daily, the list just goes on and on.

A German Shepherd’s temperament is unlike any other.

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Calm, caring, and perfect as pets, (and undeniably adorable, too!) they are known for their nurturing, protective nature and being fiercely loyal. That’s why, when trained and socialized properly, German Shepherds can be trusted to stay with the kids and keep an eye on them if the parents have to pop out of the room or turn their backs for a bit.

Dog lover or not, you have to agree that they really are one of the smartest creatures around. Take Baron, a German Shepherd who has taken over bedtime duties for four-year-old Alexander.

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You’ve heard of pets carrying in groceries for their families, going on walks with toddlers, and even helping out in the kitchen, but this is a whole new level of intelligence and sweetness. Alexander ends his day in the sweetest possible way – being tucked in and kissed by his best friend, Baron.

Every night, before going to bed, Baron and Alexander say their prayers together. Then, Baron tucks Alexander in, making sure his best friend is snug and warm.

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After story time, Baron gives Alexander goodnight kisses and shuts off the light for the little boy.

The two have always been best friends. There’s no doubt that this smart, affectionate German Shepherd makes Alexander always feel safe.

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Aside from sharing a delightful bedtime routine, Baron helps Alexander with other things, too.

The German Shepherd also helps put away Alexander’s toys.

Not only that, Baron helps out around the house too, by taking over chores like loading the dishwasher.

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As if his list of skills isn’t impressive enough, Baron also knows how to make coffee.

Baron may be lucky to have found a family that loves and cares for him, but we’re positive his family feels twice as fortunate to have someone as smart and doting as him in their lives. How many pets can confidently make coffee for the family every morning, help with the cleanup by loading the dishwasher, and send a little boy off to sweet dreams by carrying out what has to be the sweetest bedtime routine yet?

Baron proves just how capable German Shepherds truly are.

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Their intellect and skills aren’t just confined to stereotypical work associated with the breed. They make amazing pets and add so much life and joy to any home.

There’s no doubt Alexander will grow up confident that his best friend will always have his back, even when he grows out of their bedtime routine.

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