135-Pound Dog Meets Tiny Pig And They Form An Unlikely Bond That Can’t Be Broken

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Have you ever heard of a dog being best friends with another dog? I’m sure you have! But, how about a dog befriending a pig? Now, that’s something you don’t normally hear about!

Meet George, a 135-pound mastiff who’s been the biggest fur child in their family. He was used to playing with other dogs, until one day, the tiny little piglet named Debbie came along. The moment they met, everyone knew that George was smitten by the piglet’s charm!

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Debbie amazingly felt the same way and could not keep herself from clinging to the giant dog. Although she arrived as a terrified piglet, she only took around 20 minutes to fully warm up to George.

George started sniffing the piglet right away and was giving her his tender loving care within minutes after they first set eyes on each other.

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They were inseparable! George could not get enough of the little pig and tiny Debbie was equally in love with her newfound canine friend. She has certainly found the best big brother ever.

It was as if George did not consider Debbie as a different species. To him, young Debbie was just another baby and he was more than willing to take care of her!

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The odd pair spends each day being next to each other and always playing around, with Debbie acting more like a dog than a piglet. She was really active and George was such a fun playmate!

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They would run around the house and across the lawn, with George barking excitedly and Debbie trying to make her own version of a dog bark. Their daily adventures and sweet moments were absolutely adorable.

Debbie turned out to be a really sweet pig, always getting her own space in George’s dog bed. She was always demanding attention by climbing onto the dog’s back. Their unique friendship is something that truly amazes anyone who gets to know their odd bond.

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For a dog his size, George was nothing but a really sweet pup and it showed in the way he cuddled the tiny pig. He even loved other tiny animals such as geese and fluffy chickens. He was naturally caring and Debbie was definitely lucky to have met a friend like him.

Lindsay, the pair’s mom, knew that George was the perfect friend for Debbie.

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“I knew that George would be perfect for her because he’s just so calm,” Lindsay shared with The Dodo. “George is about 135 pound of just love. He’s definitely a gentle giant.”

Oddly, this pair has a lot of similarities when it comes to what they love to do. They like to sleep and cuddle, and love running around so much.

Screen Shot: YouTube/The Dodo

As the days went by, the two animals have grown closer. Simultaneously, Debbie also grew bigger at such a fast pace that Lindsay could not believe that she was with them for that long already. But, despite her size, Debbie still manages to play like she was really a dog, running untiringly and chasing after her beloved big brother.

No matter how big Debbie would get, Lindsay assured everyone that the pig is here to stay, right next to George.

Watch this unique pair’s beautiful friendship in the video below.

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