Dog Takes Front-Row Seat As Dad Plays ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’

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Having a dog can be one of the most cherished, loving, and even funny experiences we as humans can have on Earth. Our pets share with us our most joyful times, our saddest times, adventurous times, and the list goes on. Our furry friends are there for us for whatever, wherever, and whenever. They are just happy to be near us which further establishes a bond that lives in our hearts forever.


Music, nature, and a furry friend.

For one dog named Maple and her owner together, they share special moments in nature and various other locations while he plays the kalimba. Which if you were wondering what this magically beautiful instrument is, the kalimba or mbira is an African musical instrument that is made up of a wooden board with fastened metal tines. The user will play the instrument by holding it in both hands and plucking the notes gently with your thumbs. The owner on youtube called Acoustic Trench has since established various other social media pages to share these sweet tunes that he and Maple take the time to appreciate daily.

Maple gets the best seat in the house.

For this video, Acoustic Trench shows him playing the kalimba in the grass to the lovely tune by Elvis Presley “Can’t Help Falling In Love” as Maple walks up to take her front-row seat.

Screenshot: YouTube/AcousticTrench

Making the little moments just a little bit sweeter.

Maple takes her place in the best seat of the house to share another special moment with her owner.

Serenaded by the sound.

Maple turns her head for a moment to appreciate all the nature that surrounds her as her owner serenades her with the most pleasant sounds.

Screenshot: YouTube/AcousticTrench

Maple’s own personal musical therapy.

Maple continues to sit patiently and contently as her owner finishes the song. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Maple is now full of love and a sense of peace.

Screenshot: YouTube/AcousticTrench

Once finished, he lifts up his hand to Maple who comes forward to get some love from her owner. You can see in her eyes just how calm and full of love she is after sitting and listening. What a truly beautiful way to spend the day in nature with each other with some nice musical therapy to add the cherry on top.

Being there for all the moments in between.

Screenshot: YouTube/AcousticTrench

It’s the little moments like this with our furry friends that make our bonds with them just so much sweeter. Being there for all the moments in between happy and sad or even being there to share these moments in nature with our magical instruments. No matter where we are or what we are doing our pets just love to be there by our side sharing each and every moment.

For more of Maple and the Acoustic Trench check out their social media pages below!

Acoustic Trench Instagram

Maple’s Instagram

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