Boy Asks ‘Love Bird’ For A Hug – The Adorable Encounter Has Been Viewed By Over 2 Million

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Some moments warm your heart and leave you with a smile from ear to ear. This video of a little boy adorably hugging a chicken is one of those moments! The viral video has been viewed over two million times, melting hearts all around the world in the process.

I’ve never seen anything so cute, you can tell they really love each other!

“Have you hugged your chicken today?” Is a video of a little boy embracing a chicken in an adorable fashion that went viral

Screen Shot: YouTube/Mason and Love Bird

It’s only 15 seconds long, but you’ll want to watch it over and over again. You see a young boy kneeled down, he spreads his arms to ask for a hug not knowing how the chicken will react.

Right on cue, the chicken strolls up to the boy with his head leading the way and goes in for an extremely heartfelt hug. When they embrace, it’s like they’re two old friends that have been away from each other.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Mason and Love Bird

As the boy and chicken hug, the small kid pets the animals back for reassurance.

In the short video, the chicken is instantly comfortable with the little boy. The little ‘animal whisperer,’ strokes the chicken’s feathers during the loving gesture.

Another chicken in the back round “cocka-doodle-doo’s” at the perfect time, as if to celebrate the inspiring hug that’s unfolding in real-time.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Mason and Love Bird

The little boys’ name is, Mason, since the massively viral “chicken hug” video, he’s made his own YouTube channel dedicated to hugging chickens.

“Have you hugged your chicken today?” was uploaded back in 2014, since then Mason has created his own YouTube channel Mason and Love Bird.

None of the videos are quite as popular as the “Have you hugged your chicken today?” video, there’s just something about its spontaneity.

Mason continues to spread his love for animals

He uploads videos of him and his chickens, including updates on their health and other chicken-related news. He’s even got a video of a chicken helping him with his homework and videos featuring other animals.

Seeing Mason proceed to keep hugging his chickens and show his love for animals is so touching. Over 2.6 Million people have viewed the viral video from 2014, with 11k liking it.

His video “Is it really you???” also amassed millions of views, the hilarious video was watched over 5.1 million times on YouTube.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Mason and Love Bird

In the video titled: “Is it really you???,” one of Mason’s chicken ducks under his hug before inspecting his face to make sure it’s actually him! That’s one suspicious chicken. People from all over the world flocked to watch the hysterical chicken duck Masons hug. 5.1 million viewed it and 6.1k hitting the like button.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Mason and Love Bird

Here’s a link to “Is it really you???” if you wanted to see the funny video!

On top of being an adorable video, it shows us the connection we should have with all animals. Videos like these, bring us a little closer to mother nature and back to the source from which all was created. To see the precious “chicken hugging”, watch the video below!

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