Beagle Quickly Finds Dad After Being Away For Three Months

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Beagles are sweet and intelligent little dogs (if they’re raised right, of course). And they can sniff out anything from a problem to a surprise.

There’s not much getting past these curious little pups.


“Their noses guide them through life, and they’re never happier than when following an interesting scent. The Beagle originally was bred as a scenthound to track small game, mostly rabbits and hare,” says of the breed.

Enter Lola

Back in 2014, Paul Roberts lived in the UK with his partner, their daughter Sofia, and two dogs. One of those dogs was a beagle named Lola and she went viral that year for an epic game of hide-and-seek that her dad uploaded to YouTube.

Roberts has shared a couple of family videos, but none has been as popular as his very first. In fact, since August of 2014 it’s been viewed over 6.8 MILLION times!

And it all started with Roberts returned from time away from home.

Missing dad

Roberts spends his summers working away from home – he can even be gone for three months at a time. So while the whole household no doubt misses him, Lola doesn’t really have the benefit of understanding where he is or if/when he’s coming back.

So the minute she catches his scent, it’s a moment to celebrate. And we have the feeling the family has seen this reaction before and that’s how they knew to record it.

But this time they decided to play a little trick on the pup.

Roberts’ partner recorded both of their dogs playing in their living room. Then, she calls Lola’s name – and that’s enough to get the dog to immediately perk up and follow. Anything for attention!

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Paul Roberts

Up the stairs they go and Lola wags her tail in anticipation of some sort of treat or excitement. But we had no idea she’d have a reaction like this when she saw her “prize.”

The nose knows

Lola can smell that something is up and she heads straight for his luggage and clothing. Can this be a sign that dad is home?!

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Paul Roberts

In fact, he happens to be in bed under the blankets, but Lola is going to have to figure that out for herself. She follows her nose over in his direction but seems skeptical.

What’s under that blanket?

Dad has been gone so long that she’s trying to connect the dots.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Paul Roberts

It’s him!

It doesn’t take long for her to be sure of the scent. The only problem is this giant comforter in between her and lots of loving greetings.

Her tail wags wildly as she waits to see if the creature under the covers can be lured out.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Paul Roberts

Finally, dad pulls back the covers and Lola gets what she wished for. In fact, she’s so excited she hardly knows what to do with herself. She’s spinning, she’s bouncing, she’s whimpering, she just. can’t. even.

And the minute she can get to Roberts, she starts rolling herself all over him. It doesn’t look terribly comfortable, but that’s love from a dog for ya!

Everybody’s happy

As her humans try to calm her down a little, she continues to cuddle relentlessly – and to be fair, Roberts seems pretty thrilled to be seeing Lola again as well!

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Paul Roberts

This is one of the reasons we love dogs so much, right? Who could ever be this excited about the mere fact that you exist?

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Paul Roberts

While beagles are celebrated howlers, Lola is letting out more of a whimper, but it’s a relieved and excited one.

She seems to be crying with happiness and it’s all truly heartwarming to watch.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Paul Roberts

It’s the kind of thing you need to see for yourself, so be sure to scroll down below to enjoy their adorable reunion!

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