Dog Owners In Seville Must Now Carry And Use Disinfectant On Their Dog’s Urine – Or Face A Fine

All responsible dog parents carry bags to clean up after their dog when they poo, but what about the urine?

Seville, Spain is known for its Gothic architecture, historic churches and palaces, flamenco dancing and the smell of dog urine. Residents claim that their beautiful city is starting to smell due to dog urine.

Seville City Council decided to try a method used by the city of Almeria, which requires dog owner’s to carry a water and vinegar solution to spray on the dog’s urine. The new ruling forces dog owners to carry and use the disinfectant or else face a fine.

“The Local Police will be given the authority to sanction pet owners who aren’t carrying disinfectant solution and fine those who fail to rinse away their dog’s wee,” states The Local.

This applies to all areas that a dog may urinate like a lamppost, pavement and walls. The city is testing out the new rule for a month before it is made official.


Dog owners who do not comply could face a fine in the range of £30 to £80 (roughly $35-100), but could rise to more than £900 (roughly $1,100).


Seville is not the only Spanish city to crack down on dog owners to clean up after their pets. Madrid has a law that gives dog owners who do not pick up their dog’s poo a choice between a €750 fine or a weekend of cleaning duty. Malaga performs DNA profiling on the dog poo and fines the owner as well as charge them for the DNA test. Other cities have used giant inflatable poo and hired private detectives to raise awareness of the issue.


Please be a responsible dog parent and clean up your dog’s poo. As for the urine, time will tell if the disinfectant method works.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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