This Dog Had Finally Found A Forever Home, But She Risked Everything To Save Her Puppies

There is nothing greater than a mother’s love. Even if that mother happens to be a dog! Check out the video below to hear the story of how much one dog was willing to risk to protect her new puppies. This story from KERO News is heartwarming!

Gypsy the dog was living on the streets when she was found by the Watkins family. She was extremely malnourished and in failing health when Nikki Jo Watkins decided to take the stray Border Collie mix in. Gypsy ate and slept like any normal dog, but Watkins noticed there was something bothering the family’s new pet. After a few days in the home, Gypsy was becoming extremely restless and worried. The next morning, Watkins made a shocking discovery. Gypsy was gone.

The family immediately began searching for the dog. Along the way they heard the faintest whimper. That’s when Watkins found out exactly what Gypsy was missing. Seven little puppies had been placed in a shallow dirt hole. The nervous mother had tried to disguise the hole with tumbleweeds as she mostly likely had went off to find food. Watkins knew exactly what needed to be done. She brought the puppies home to join their mother, and they will be up for adoption in then next couple of weeks.

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