Seven great products for the outdoorsy pup

Even though it’s September, you still have a few more weeks of warm summery weather to enjoy outside with your pup. Here are a few things that you should be sure to stock up on before taking your pup along on your outdoor adventures during the dog days of summer – or anytime you travel with your dog.

7. Dog Tent: Planning a beach, lake, or camping trip this season? Then you might want to think about getting a doggy tent for Fido. It’ll be hot and sunny outside, and even though your pup is covered in fur, he could still use some shelter from those rays. Tents come in different sizes for all dogs, many of them have rollable windows and doors, and they even collapse down to a portable size.

6. Dog Booties: You might think that boots for your pup are an essential only for winter, but that’s not true. Just imagine going barefoot on those hot sidewalks and streets around your house this summer. Sounds painful, right? It hurts your pup’s paws too. If you can’t hold your hand on the pavement for 30 seconds without pulling it away, the ground is too hot for Fido. Get him some summer booties to wear to protect those sensitive pads on his paws.

5. Collapsible Water Bowl: Hydration is very important in hot summer weather, and that goes for your dog as well as for you. Make sure you have a collapsible water dish for your pooch – it’s easy to carry and clean, and you can fill it with a hose, water fountain, or from your own water bottle. Once your pup drinks up, fold up the portable bowl and you’re on your way. No clunky plastic here.

4. Reflective Gear: The days might be longer in summer, but the nights are beautiful and cool – most likely you’ll be out for an evening stroll with Fido pretty often. Be sure to get him some reflective gear, including a collar or harness and a leash, so that everyone can see him while they’re driving or biking at night.

3. Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner: After running around and frolicking in the lake all day during the summer, your pooch is sure to get a little stinky. Get all that grime off him with a gentle shampoo, then moisturize his dry skin and fur with a conditioner. Fido will thank you for it – and you’ll thank yourself when your whole house doesn’t smell like wet dog.

2. Summer-Themed Treats: If you’re anything like me, you’ve already stocked your freezer with ice cream, Italian ice, ice pops, etc. Well, did you know they make ice cream for dogs too? Cool Dog, Frosty Paws and other brands make doggy-safe frozen treats that are great for the heat of summer, plus there are recipes online to make your own, like these from

1. Floatable Toys: If you live near a body of water or plan on taking a beach trip with Fido this summer (hopefully all of you!) then you’ll need a floating toy to play fetch with your pup. Most dogs love to swim, plus it cools them off and gets them great exercise. All you need is a buoyant toy that won’t sink when you toss it in the waves.

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