They Said This Dog Wasn’t Fit To Become A Service Animal, So She Found THIS Unusual Way To Help Out!

From the minute she was born, Ricochet the dog was supposed to become a service dog for someone with a disability. As a puppy she immediately began rigorous training. She was doing very well, until her trainers noticed she was developing a bad habit. Ricochet loved to chase birds, which is considered a dangerous trait for service dogs to have. At any moment, the dog could run off in chase of a bird, leaving her master in danger.

Heartbroken, her trainer released her from the program. However, she discovered Ricochet had another unusual talent, surfing. She began to help Ricochet hone in on her surfing skills and discovered a unique way she could help out.


This one-of-a-kind dog now surfs to raise money for charitable causes, such as her first cause, teaching a 15-year-old quadriplegic to surf.

This “SURFice” dog continues to change the world in her own special way.

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