A Service Dog Visits The Prison Where He Was Trained. When He Sees His Old Trainer, Tears!

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You see it happening more and more where prisons are adding programs where inmates work with dogs. The inmates provide the dogs with care and training, while the inmates in return learn trust, compassion and responsibility. Laurie, an inmate at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, helped train a dog named Pax, who would go on to be a service dog.

Pax was eventually paired with Bill Campbell, a military veteran who suffers from PTSD and memory loss and has a major fear of crowds. When Campbell received Pax, his whole life changed. Having a dog by his side has helped him cope with the horrible effects of war and has made it possible for him to get through everyday life. Aware that Pax also helped other people along the way, like Laurie, before being paired with himself, he thought it would be nice to bring Pax back to where it all began for him. He took Pax back to the facility to visit Laurie, and their reunion was so heartwarming! Watch it in the video below:

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