When A Service Dog Meets THIS Classic Disney Character. All Of His Dreams Come True!

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Disney has created magical moments for most of us throughout our childhoods, and even long into our adult lives as well. Whether it was one of the Disney princess movies you watched again and again as a kid or a trip to Disney world that sealed the deal, you’ve probably come to love and revere this brand more than any other because they really do bring your dreams to life. Just like they did for this brave and obedient service dog on a recent Disney cruise!

This adorable service dog gets the treat of a lifetime when it gets to meet one of the classic original Disney cartoon characters, Pluto!! I’m sure Pluto was just as excited to meet this impressive service dog as the canine was to meet him! The way the service dog plays and sniffs all around Pluto is too cute!! Looks like this puppy just found a new best dog friend and I couldn’t be happier for them both! Looks like someone’s dream came true!

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