This Veteran Made His Service Dog The Best Man At His Wedding! This Will Definitely Warm Your Heart!!

Gabe the service dog has stood by his owner’s side through thick and thin, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he’d stand by his side for his wedding too!

This adorable Golden Retriever had the honor of being the best man at U.S. Army veteran Justin Landsford’s wedding. But after learning their story, you’ll realize that it’s also an honor for Landsford to have Gabe be his best man!

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Source: Brad Hall Studios

Landsford and Gabe first met after Landsford’s leg had to be amputated after being struck by an IED while stationed in Afghanistan in 2012. The Warrior Canine Connection paired the two together, so that Landsford could get the help, love and company he desperately needed to get through these arduous times. They became the best of friends from there on out.

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Source: Brad Hall Studios

“Gabe goes everywhere with Justin,” Carol, his wife, told The Dodo. “They are pretty much joined at the hip.”

But of course Carol found friendship in Gabe as well. Gabe has made every day easier for the couple, and helps in so many ways.

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Source: Brad Hall Studios

“If Justin drops something, he’s right there to pick it up for him,” Carol said. “If Justin ever falls, he’s always right there to help him back up.”

They said it was a “no-brainer” to have Gabe be the best man at their wedding.

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Source: Brad Hall Studios

And a great best man he was! You can see the happiness on Gabe’s face as he got to be a special part of his human’s wedding.

“You can see the dog is such a huge part of their lives,” wedding photographer Brad Hall told The Dodo. “He was with them as they walked down the aisle, wearing formal army attire and even a little bow tie. You can’t help but love that dog.”

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Source: Brad Hall Studios

I’m so happy that these two best friends got to share yet another special moment with each other!

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