He Was Living Next To Toxic Chemicals. Though He’s Old, He Now Gets A Second Chance At Love!

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When Hope for Paws got a call to come check out a nearby water treatment facility they weren’t sure what they would find. When they arrived they found an older dog who had clearly been mistreated by humans in the past. He was cautious and despite the hamburgers the rescuers tried to give him he had no interest in getting anywhere near them. There were hazardous chemicals being used in the area so the rescuers had to be careful but they were finally able to leash the dog and take him back for treatment.

The transformation of this dog will warm your heart and possibly make you cry tears of joy. Thanks to Hope for Paws this beautiful, frightened dog (now proudly named Mufasa for his wild mane of hair) learned what love is. You won’t believe how wonderful he looks at the end of the video: he’s clean, his belly is full, and he even has his hair trimmed. Wait until you see him all snuggled up in the loving arms of his rescuers.

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