Family Organizes Surprise Birthday Party For Their 13-Year-Old Dog

Getting to the age of 13 is a big accomplishment – especially if you’re a dog! And this little old man is no exception, which is why his family decided to throw him a birthday party.

Little Bailey certainly enjoyed the fuss that his family was making over him. Dogs are by nature very happy animals, but this little guy looked extra happy knowing that he was being celebrated.

Just look at the precious, ecstatic face!

Of course, no birthday party would be complete without a rendition of “Happy Birthday” being sung to the birthday boy.

As his family gathered around and began belting out the lyrics, it is clear that this little dog couldn’t have felt any happier at that moment:

Bailey definitely had a very exciting day with a party and cake and presents, and of course, having his family all around him showing him lots of love and attention.

While Bailey enjoyed himself, his party was but a mere fraction of the appreciation and love that his family wanted to show him – they felt that he’d given them so much more throughout his life that they had to show their thankfulness back. Hence why they decided to throw him a fun-filled party in his honor.

His family wrote on Facebook, “Happy 13th birthday to our boy BAILEY! He brings us so much joy and we love him heaps!”

And we can’t help but agree, I hope you had a lovely time Bailey!

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