For The First Time Since She Was A Pup, She Left Her Dog For Basic Training. Watch Their Reunion!

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It’s always hard being away from our pets; they are like our children! Most dogs will greet you at the door after a day of work as if they haven’t seen you in months. Now imagine if it actually had been months. That’s how long soldier Hannah Foraker was away from her beloved pup for.

Foraker was away for three months at Basic Combat Training & AIT. Luckily, she was able to make it home for a little while for Christmas and got to see her doggy for the first time since she left. The video below is her reunion with her baby girl, and it will melt your heart! Her senior pup’s reaction is so sweet. She cries with excitement, wags her tail and gives her human lots of kisses. I’m so glad this beautiful girl got to see her mama again!

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