12-Year-Old Dog Finds A Forever Family After 2,461 Days At The Shelter

For six years, 12-year-old Sandi lived at the Marion-Grant County Humane Society. For those who are like me an struggled mathematically in school, that was a total of 2,461 days. While Sandi had already gotten used to life at the shelter, the staff held hope that someday she’d get every shelter dog’s fairytale of a forever home with a loving family. Once her happily ever after arrived, the shelter gave her a Disney princess farewell which was complete with a crown and a red carpet.

This sweet girl had quite a history, first coming to the shelter six years ago as a stray off the streets. Overall, she was a healthy dog with a pleasant disposition, but for whatever reason, she kept getting left behind. Even though Sandi liked the shelter staff, everyone wanted to see her go a forever home.

Over the years, the staff at the shelter said that Sandi basically began to run the place. She had been their long enough that she began to get a sense of how things operated that she saw herself as the boss – even being there longer than some of the employees.

Her life finally took a turn for the better when Erin and Carrie Rhodes came to visit the shelter. The couple had recently suffered the loss of their previous dog. With a space in their hearts for someone new, they visited the shelter with the intent to rescue a dog. After meeting Sandi they were smitten. In fact, the couple mentioned how they couldn’t stop thinking about her.

It wasn’t long before they sought to adopt her. When her adoption day came, Sandi was given a crown and escorted to her car with plenty of fanfare as the employees cheered for her. Sandi was clearly enjoying the attention of her send off since she wagged her tail the whole time.

Once at home, Sandi adjusted in no time since her new owners spoil her absolutely rotten. The pair even set up Sandi with her very own Instagram where fans can keep up with her updated that are all penned from her point of view. Clearly, her long wait was very much worth it in the end.

While 6 years is a very long wait, the sad reality is it’s not unusual as plenty of other dogs and cats wait ages for homes. If you’re in a position to open your heart and your home to a rescue, definitely consider asking your local rescue or shelter for the pet that’s been there the longest – you’d be making a huge difference in someone’s life.

The Marion-Grant County Humane Society is still looking for homes for about 80 dogs and 200 cats. If you’re living in Indiana and looking to add a new member to your family, please visit this shelter and see if any of them are the perfect addition to your life.

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