This Dog Is Just Being A Secret Agent. The Best Part? When He Does THIS.

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Dogs love food. When it’s dinner time, my dog’s head is right next to me, hovering over the table, watching me bring my food from my plate to my mouth and back to my plate again. He watches my every move and doesn’t skip a beat, hoping that I will eventually give him a piece. And usually I do, because I can’t resist such a cute face. But not everyone is as willing as I am to sneak their pup some food. In this funny video, this dog does all the sneaking all by himself.

His owner is sitting on the couch, eating a burger and fries. Her phone receives a text and she puts her burger down and looks to her phone to check it. While she’s on her phone, Agent wiener dog comes swooping in (literally) to steal a French fry. In his little vest, being held up by leashes acting like a harness, he’s able to grab a fry and leave before his owner notices. Of course he couldn’t do it without the help of another human, but it’s so funny and cute! Meanwhile, the other dog on the couch watches him steal the food and probably wishes that he could be as sneaky as him!

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