This Seal’s Mating Call Is Being Called One Of The Most Bizarre. When You See It, You’ll Know Why.

Mating rituals around the animal world range from odd to downright bizarre. With the woman of their dreams on the line, male animals will do anything to win their love, no matter the species. There is no better example than the hooded seal.

When two males are vying for the same woman’s affection, things get pretty heated. Male hooded seals have a flap of skin on the top of their heads that is able to inflate when they are angry. This membrane can expand on command, making quite the spectacle. The two males battle it out by showing off who can inflate their head bigger. Winner gets the girl.

This amazing footage was captured by a National Geographic videographer back in 2012.

Inflating their head membranes isn’t the only incredible thing these hooded seals can do. They are also capable of diving more than 3,200 feet into the icy water and staying there for more than an hour. Very impressive!

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