He Came To Take Pictures In The Galapagos Islands. But He Never Expected To See THIS!

Professional ocean photographer Clark Little was taking pictures in the Galapagos Islands when he came across a group of sea lions. But they weren’t doing your averaged sea lion things. They were relaxing and lying in lounge chairs on Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island).

This is definitely not something you see every day, and my heart completely melted when I watched this! The video starts off with two sea lions sharing the same lounge chair. One has his flipper over the other sea lion, hugging him and resting his face on him. Then the camera pans to another sea lion on a lounge chair by himself, licking himself before he plops right down. On the chair next to him is another sea lion lying down. I guess it’s family nap-time for them! It’s so cute, I can’t handle it!

Papa Lion Crouches Down To Meet His New Cub For First Time: Click “Next” below!

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