A Sea Lion Pup Climbed Onto Their Boat. When He Did THIS At 2:42, I Was In Awe!

A man named J.R. Gilkinson was sailing off Newport Beach in California with his niece and a few friends when a sea lion pup hopped on their boat and slowly got closer to him. He immediately began filming, and in the video below, you can see the sea lion start nuzzling Gilkinson’s leg with his face. He starts cuddling in his lap and stayed there for an entire hour!

When it was time to go back to the harbor, Gilkinson had to stand up and tell the sea lion it was time to go. Eventually the pup walked to the edge of the boat and jumped back in the water. This isn’t something that usually happens, but considering many recent baby sea lion sightings in Southern Cali, it seems many of them are becoming less fearful around humans. It could be that this sea lion pup had had human contact and interaction before.

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